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Catch a Glimpse of Unity’s Future With the 2018.1 Beta

Twelve days into the new year, and we already have a public beta of Unity’s upcoming 2018 iteration? So groovy! I mean, it’s not exactly overflowing with new stuff – beta being beta – but that doesn’t matter. What does however… is that it’s here. Right now. No waiting until, I don’t know, summer or fall. New Unity! Yeah! (Just remember, beta build).

When last we heard from the Unity dev team, it was all about the 360. Degrees that is. Not the Xbox 360. That’s long since been superseded by the Xbox One – in case you weren’t up to speed on console news. Right. Anyway, as usual, since I’m not a game developer and/or overly familiar with the engine itself, most of the new stuff is like a foreign language to me. Like… Scriptable Render Pipeline, which is apparently something related to rendering that’ll give developers more power? Access to modern hardware? Or some such. Oh, and there’s a Shader Graph now too. I like graphs.

Of course, that’s just the beginning, and the release notes contain many other interesting tiny tidbits, details, whatever you call them, about the beta. So, want to experience all that fun stuff? Grab the Unity 2018.1 beta then, and do check out the sample project while you’re busy taking a brief glance into the future of all things Unity. Unity! Unity! Unity!

(Source: Get early access to Unity 2018.1: the beta is out)