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‘Ultimate Chicken Horse’ Celebrates Impending Console Ports With a Purple Elephant

Build to win or stop your own friends from doing the same… or both… at once. I think. Something along those lines anyway, is the name of the game in Ultimate Chicken Horse, as you’re pitted against other players in a rather strange mix. One that’s part level editor, part obstacle course – and everyone edits the level at the same time. Ah, sweet, sweet chaos.

Chaotic shenanigans which have been taking place for well over a year at this point, and in mere days, the fun is getting ramped up big time. See, come December 12, the so-called ‘Elephantastic Update’ will be going live on PC alongside a wealth of additions! And on that same day, Ultimate Chicken Horse will be hitting consoles, starting with PlayStation 4 and continuing with Xbox One and Switch in 2018.

Among other things, the Challenge Mode should help make the competitive crowd, well, more competitive, making it easier than ever for players to… you know, issue challenges; second to none and so on. New blocks will also be added for everyone to build/annoy/frustrate/guarantee victory with, including a Paper Airplane Shooter and several ‘movers’, because why the heck not, right? Playable purple elephant and new outfits too. And… so much more. Good thing December 12 is right around the corner.


Ultimate Chicken Horse is available on Steam and Humble Store – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch… soon.

Ultimate Chicken Horse: Elephantastic Update and PS4 Launch Date

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