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The Day the Music Died: Development of ‘Troll Song’ Canceled

Troll Song

Bad news time, and to make matters worse, this one’s been a long time coming: Troll Song has been canceled! Darn shame too, as I for one would have liked to experience a pointy and clicky adventure focusing entirely on trolls – and their way of life, as it were. More often than not, whenever this particular lot is portrayed in popular media, it’s in the form of mindless brutes… as I’m sure you’ve noticed here and there. Wouldn’t have been the case with Troll Song, however, but alas… now we’ll (likely) never know just how that might have looked.

The reason I say ‘likely’, is that its creator put this little note in the announcement post: “if I can find a way to bring the game back I will do it”, and also makes mention of how he might end up writing a novel based on the game’s plot. Not a terrible idea, the latter, seeing how the game’s strength – as is the case with most genre entries – would likely have lied in the story, after all. But again, no one knows if that’ll ever come to be either.

Doesn’t mean we’ll never get to experience Troll Song however, as the ‘demo’ known as Verse One is still very much available for downloading and playing through. Just keep in mind that it’ll likely be a somewhat bittersweet experience, now that the full version has been scrapped and all. And again, this could just be a temporary, albeit lengthy, setback. Maybe we will, in fact, get to experience the adventures of this merry band at some point in the future. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

(Source: Troll Song cancelled 🙁)

Troll Song Teaser Trailer