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On Steam, the Week Prior: Is it spring yet?

New indie games. Steam. You know what to do. And if you don’t: buy them! Ahem. I mean… consider picking some up, eh? Steam is good. We like Steam. My preeeciou– right. Anyway, picks below.

Note: gonna try something different this week and include a snippet from the game’s description on Steam instead of my… well… weird ramblings. Let me know what ya think about that in the comments section, eh?

Distortions – Launch trailer

Distortions ($19.99)
Distortions is a story-driven musical journey through an unknown, imaginary world. Enter a surreal adventure guided by journal riddles – and piece together fragments of past memories to uncover your identity. Using a violin, play unique songs to alter environments and befriend strange creatures along the way.

Hide The Body Steam Release Trailer

Hide The Body ($5.99)
Hide The Body is a game about timing. Perfect timing. You need to hide all elements of the crime in an unknown amount of time. The only indication of how much time you have is based on the rising music. The more intense it becomes, the less time you have.

Heroes of Hammerwatch, Launch Trailer

Heroes of Hammerwatch ($11.99)
Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite action-adventure game set in the same universe as Hammerwatch. Encounter endless hordes of enemies, traps, puzzles, secrets and lots of loot, as you battle your way through procedurally generated levels to reach the top of the Forsaken Spire.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine story trailer

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine ($19.99)
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a Narrative-Adventure game about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny. Featuring gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine combines 2D visuals with a 3D overworld US map.

The Majesty of Colors Remastered Launch Trailer

The Majesty of Colors Remastered ($2.99)
You are an enormous creature from beneath the ocean who has never seen the surface. What will you do with this world of humans? Can you survive? Will they?

Mulaka – Launch Trailer

Mulaka ($19.99)
Renowned for their impressive running abilities, embark on the journey of a Sukurúame – a Tarahumara shaman – as you fight back the foulness corrupting the land, while drawing upon the powers of demigods. From solving puzzles in environments inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara locations, to heated hand-to-hand combat with creatures pulled from the region’s mythology, find out why the Tarahumara have earned a reputation for being superhumans.