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On Steam, the Week Prior: Winter… is… here!

New indie games. Steam. You know what to do. And if you don’t: buy them! Ahem. I mean… consider picking some up, eh? Steam is good. We like Steam. My preeeciou– right. Anyway, picks below.

All Walls Must Fall – Coming Out Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

All Walls Must Fall – A Tech-Noir Tactics Game ($9.99)
Time manipulation, turn-based tactics, sci-fi noir – what’s not to like about this recently out-of-Early-Access title? Nothing, that’s what! It’s groovy. Very groovy. And great looking to boot.

Dissembler – Launch Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.

Dissembler ($3.99)
It’s no secret that I’m anything but great at puzzle games, but I’m still including this one because… it looks like a fun ol’ time! That and its creator has been steadily building a solid library of interesting games for a while now, so there’s that too.