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The Road to Financial Freedom? Patreon Created for Wraithkal: The Indie Gaming Corner

More than six years ago, I started this very website, and suffice to say… it’s been one helluva journey (in no small way thanks to you, readers of my wordy rants). One that hopefully won’t be ending until there are no more indie games to write about, as I see no need to slow down. That said, the opposite – increasing the rate at which articles are written and published – could do with some… tweaks. This is where my newly created Patreon comes into the picture, as I’m hoping it will enable the construction of my road to financial freedom. Being able to write instead of spending that same time frame in employment? Oh man, that’d be absolutely groovy.

Now, had I considered making the leap from unpaid work to monetizing it in some way just a year or two ago, most would likely have suggested I started running ads – which is never going to be a thing. I don’t want Wraithkal: The Indie Gaming Corner cluttered by random animations for the latest mobile hit or worse. Besides, ads are so… boring and impersonal. Patreon, on the other hand, enables you to create a community of sorts – one defined by patrons at various tiers (as highlighted on my Patreon). Oh, and the Discord integration is pretty sweet too. Speaking of, why not stop by my newly created server for a chat? Promise I won’t bite.

Don’t forget to check out my Patreon either while you’re at it, as it features – at the time of writing – a moderately unique way to get directly involved with content creation (hint: it’s the tier marked ‘Content Creator’), along with a couple of other tiers. Should there be more? Well, I can’t think of what they should be, but if you have any suggestions, let’s hear it! I can be reached through Twitter, Facebook, and of course, the old-fashioned email route.