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‘The One Fork Restaurant DX’ Is All About Customer Service On a Very Tight Budget

The One Fork Restaurant DX

In my experience, even half-decent restaurants have more than plenty forks, knives etc., but that’s not the case with The One Fork Restaurant DX. Here, all customers have to share one fork. One. That’s it. Oh, did I mention this lot is incredibly hungry and not exactly overly patient? As such, you’ve been tasked with teaching them the importance of sharing! Why? Because… budget cuts.

On top of being hungry and impatient, customers in this particular restaurant are also pretty darn important, in that it only takes one unsatisfactory review before the entire place gets shut down. So unless you want to be out of business, better make sure that patience bar doesn’t run out by shuffling the fork around to each table as it empties. Stressful? Nah, not at first, but the challenge does ramp up noticeably as the levels go by, to the point where even I couldn’t keep up and kept pissing someone off by delaying his ability to consume food (translation: he/she didn’t get the fork in time).

After each day (at least, I’m assuming that’s what a level represents), you’re presented with the same ‘report card’, whether you failed to serve everyone or not. Only difference is, you don’t get to progress, and your face will be full of food, seeing how whichever customer didn’t get to eat, would have thrown his/her food at ya out of pure spite. Yup. That’ll teach you to do better (I guess?). Whatever happened to mean remarks and/or rude gestures? Such a waste of food.

Anyway, suffice to say, it’s a pretty simple and easy to grasp concept, and probably not a game that many will spend hour after hour playing. Even so, there’s definitely fun to be had, passing that fork around, ensuring everyone gets to eat – whatever is on that plate – in a timely manner. In fact, why not find out if you can beat my high score of 450, in… The One Fork Restaurant DX?