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Tell-a-Tale: The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest Is Well Underway

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A lot can happen when you attempt to create something in Unity. A lot. So much, that the development process often spawns entire stories just waiting to be told. Stories which The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest is all about, so if you’ve got an interesting tale to tell, related to either a finished or WIP Made with Unity game… then this competition’s for you.

Created as a bit of a celebration of madewith.unity.com’s success, The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest aims to attract aspiring and experienced developers alike, for a pretty neat competition. One which, unlike most Unity related affairs, doesn’t actually focus on the games themselves, instead shifting focus to what goes on behind the scenes. A glimpse at the past, present, future, or a strange mix of some sort, related to the game created by each participant.

Our goal on the Made with Unity team is to create new discovery opportunities for our developer community and help them find new audiences.

On that note, keep in mind that the tale must be directly connected to one of your own creations, published on Made with Unity, written in English, and submitted before July 6 23:59 PDT. Otherwise it won’t be taken into consideration. With ten free Unite 16 passes on the line and no submission fee, active Unity developers would quite frankly be silly not to partake. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions first, eh?

All good? Get to writing then, because it’s time to… Tell Your Story!

(Source: The Made with Unity Developer Story Contest)