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Create-A-Horror: ‘The Last Door’ Season One Art Open Sourced

The Last Door: Chapter 1

With season two of The Last Door chugging along at a steady pace, I guess now’s not exactly too soon to release the (graphical) assets of its precursor… which is exactly what The Game Kitchen has done! Every last pixel – of which there are quite a few – is present and accounted for. Groovy.

Seeing how the lot has been made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, aspiring developers – or content creators – are now free to do whatever they want with it all. So long as you make mention of ‘The Last Door’ along with a link to www.thelastdoor.com somewhere, anywhere, in whatever you end up creating. Short version: they’re asking for very little in return, and it ain’t monetary.

Those interested in getting creative can find a link to a zip file containing exactly 2,460 (wow!) PNG files from the first four episodes of this spine-chilling horror saga, within this post. No audio or scripts, and the engine itself is still under lock and key, but hey – free assets is free, ya know?

The Last Door