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‘The Last Door’s Second Season Finale (Beta) Is Ready to Chill Spines

the last door episode eight

As has been the case for a while now with each episode of The Last Door, this eight – titled Beyond the Curtain – is preceded by a beta release. While this does mean that the conclusion to its spine-chilling second season is rapidly approaching, first… there are also potential bugs to squash, typos to fix, and so on. Beta testing! Yay!

Now, for those not familiar with The Last Door, it’s an uncanny and rather creepy tale of horror and suspense, which takes place in Victorian England, as the protagonist – Jeremiah Devitt – suddenly receives a mysterious letter from a childhood friend. Or at least, that’s how everything started. In more recent outings, characters have come and gone (muahahaha… (what?)). As such, it goes without saying that the events in this tale are not exactly for the faint of heart. They do however make for an interesting adventure, complete with uncanny music and lovely pixellated visuals. Oh and puzzles, because, genre stable, ya know?

After the unsettling events of the previous episode, a single memory has driven [spoiler] to obsession: a strange word pronounced in the dark. It was the name of an ancient place in a certain [spoiler]…

As has been the case in the past, this time around, beta testing ain’t just about helping The Game Kitchen apply polish prior to release, because as they put it in this post, “entire areas or characters could be cut or added during this process, and all will be done according to your feedback”. Oh and there’ll be no major spoilers in the beta, opening and ending cut, among other things. Other things being, for this season finale, a lot more than usual. Because spoilers do suck. Last but not least, testers just might get to – literally – leave their mark on the episode, adding their own description to an item. Groovy.

To access this chapter, including the beta, a donation of €4 ($4.30) is required. Alternatively, you could spend €10 ($10.83) and grab the entire second season, although if you’re new to the series, be sure to grab and play through season one first (€5 / $5.40). Either way, no better than the present to get scared out of your mind as you point ‘n click the night away, potentially helping The Game Kitchen squash a few bugs, in… The Last Door: Beyond the Curtain!

The Last Door – Season Two