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Bwana and Kito Goes Portable as ‘The Journey Down’ Trilogy Points ‘n Clicks on Switch

The Journey Down: Chapter One

Ah, Bwana and Kito. I had so many good times with those two troublemakers when reviewing The Journey Down, and soon, those who prefer playing on consoles will be able to see what they’ve missed out on all this time. (Some genuinely groovy point ‘n click adventuring, that’s what!)

For those not familiar with this particular trilogy, the basic premise is as follows: “Bwana and Kito, owners of a gas station in Kingsport Bay, are down on their luck in The Journey Down: Chapter One. Power’s been cut because they didn’t pay the bill and no power means no customers, which means… no money (see where I’m going with this?). But all is not lost, as a long-lost journal might provide what they need to get out of this mess: a grand adventure, gas station be damned!”

Yes, I did just quote the first paragraph in my review of The Journey Down: Chapter One to describe the series. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s a pretty good description to boot. That’s just how it all started though. As the story progresses in Chapter Two and Chapter Three, the finale, things get even more zany as a wealth of new characters – and locales – are introduced, all leading to… quite the conclusion.

With quality voice acting, a groovy-as-heck jazzy soundtrack and a rather lovely art style, what more could Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners possibly want from such a pointy and clicky adventure? Ah, suppose release date(s) might be useful, so: PS4 US: 29 May, PS4 EU 30 May, Xbox One 1 June”. That’s just the first episode though, which – according to Nintendo Everything – will be hitting the Switch come May 31st, meaning… drumroll… Bwana and Kito on the go!


The Journey Down

The Journey Down – Chapter One for PS4, XBOX ONE & Switch Announcement (US)

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