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The HEART JAM is a Darn Good Excuse to Try the Temporary Free GameMaker Studio 2

Upon hearing about the HEART Jam, I initially figured it would have some sort of emotional ties – you know, a game jam about making romantic games or some such. Turns out that wasn’t the case. It’s simply due to the fact that its host calls himself HeartBeast (or so I believe, anyway). Doesn’t mean participants shouldn’t make games with such content of course! In fact, theme pending, that might be a pretty good idea, ya know?

Now, as you’ve hopefully noticed in the title, GameMaker Studio 2’s license is currently (until March 28) free. This gives aspiring developers – and/or those who have yet to make the leap from GameMaker Studio – a chance to sample the goods of a premium engine as it were… while also attempting to make a game in 72 hours. A game which could very well end up being played on the host’s YouTube channel, and as I’m sure you know, such is an undeniably good way to get your name out there these days.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening.
Wherever and whenever you are.
Welcome to the Heart Jam!

Those who don’t get picked shouldn’t feel left out though, as the most important part of a game jam is still to have fun! Oh, and for this one, everything has to be ‘PG-13 or lower’ (in other words, family friendly), so do keep that in mind as you either team up with someone or go at it by your lonesome. Aside from that, rules are pretty standard and all listed on the website. Ah, the theme? Nope. Not until the 23rd (for obvious reasons), at which point the HEART Jam will officially be underway, ending on the 26th. Best of luck!