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At a Glance: The Gold Medalists of Ludum Dare 35

Wobble Yoga

Not gonna lie, Ludum Dare 35’s theme – Shapeshift – didn’t really appeal to me, and I fully expected this round to be… well, kinda less. One glance at its victors across the sixteen categories sure proved me wrong though, which is obviously not a bad thing! So while we wait for the 36th 48-72 hour craziness that will be Ludum Dare 36, why not peruse the cream of the crop from the most recent outing?

The Maitre D

The Maitre D (Overall / Fun / Theme (jam))
As the Maitre D’ at a fancy French brasserie, it’s your job to ensure patrons encounter the best service imaginable. Worm your way in with the hoity-toity by showing them their seats!

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters (Innovation (jam))
Split and shift the shape of the world to get those critters home safe.

Little Red Riding Werewolf

Little Red Riding Werewolf (Graphics (jam))
Our protagonist is Little Red. She needs to go see her grandma, but tonight is a full moon. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if Little Red didn’t happen to be a werewolf.


Limber (Audio (jam))
Do some stretches and jump on the track to bust some moves.

I Don't Trust This Food, Man

I Don’t Trust This Food, Man (Humor (jam))
The aim is to sort the ‘trustworthy’ food-headed men from the untrustworthy shapeshifters, and all you need are your left and right keys!


Sunday (Mood (jam))
The end of the world is here and four friends will play a much larger role than they could have ever imagined.


windowframe (Fun / Overall / Innovation (compo))
manipulate the shape of the game itself to beat six nasty vampires!


SpaceShifter (Theme (compo))
You play an alien who has crash-landed on a strange planet and must recover the scattered pieces of his spaceship in order to return home. It’s not Pikmin.

The Black Crystal

The Black Crystal (Graphics / Mood (compo))
location: planet 4n8c_1
status: ship inoperable, energy level low
mission: locate the black crystal

Soothsayer Simulator 2016

Soothsayer Simulator 2016 (Audio (compo))
I wanted to do something interesting with audio, and so I present to you “Soothsayer Simulator 2016.”

Wobble Yoga

Wobble Yoga (Humor (compo))

Ludum Dare 35