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‘The Girl and the Robot’ Puts a Rather Uncanny Friendship to the Test

The Girl and the Robot

A young girl and a robot against an evil queen in a castle. What could possibly go wrong? except, you know, all and everything! Probably will too, knowing how these tales are usually spun, although that doesn’t necessarily mean neither game nor story will be bad. The exact opposite most likely in The Girl and the Robot, I’d say, as a bit of drama is likely to strengthen an uncanny friendship like this. Or ruin it. Which would surely please said queen. What a wicked being.

As such, hope you’re in the mood for puzzles-aplenty, nasty enemies and other hazards, as you attempt to flee the castle, remote-controlled robot in tow. Yup. Remote-controlled, because nothing else would make sense. Oh wait, probably the exact opposite. Either way, puzzles, bad guys, environmental hazards (probably). Nothing too major for a duo like this, surely.

But then there’s the queen. What’s she up to, and why did she imprison our two protagonists? A clouded backstory, this has, and it’s up to you, the player, to figure out just what is going on. You know, on top of making that daring escape, preferably in one piece. Best of luck.

The Girl and the Robot (soundtrack) is available from Steam, Humble Store and itch.io, at $9.99.

The Girl and the Robot – Launch Trailer