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‘The Gardens Between’ Awaits With a Bittersweet Journey Through Time and Friendship

Childhood is incredibly important, and unfortunately also much too short. More often than not, it is gone before we truly had a chance to cherish it fully, memories being all that remain of a wondrous time. A time when friendship meant the world, grownups were almost an alien race, parents super annoying, video games the best thing, and television… the best friend. A time The Gardens Between‘s two protagonists get to relive through a rather emotional journey – one full of nostalgia, puzzles, time travel and relaxing music.

Suffice to say, as I have already indicated in the title, the experience is guaranteed to be bittersweet for Arina and Frendt, the entire thing revolving around memories of a time long gone. Far as I can tell, the two are still friends in the present, however, so the tale could certainly be of a more depressing nature. That said, the game now being out and all, more details have surfaced since its reveal back in late 2017, and among them, exactly what we’re dealing with here: a duo traversing “dreamlike island gardens” in an attempt to examine their friendship as they attempt to reach the top of each island.

Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship: the memories they’ve built, what must be let go, and what should never be left behind.

It’ll be a long climb and, as you can probably tell from the above quote, one during which… sacrifices must be made and tears are likely going to be shed (not just by the player either). Only by working together, will Arina and Frendt be able to progress, reliving precious memories of past events together, hopefully strengthening their bond throughout it all. Provided you, the player, are able to solve every last time-warping puzzle in this… strange world. Oh, and I believe you are actually in control of said world, rather than the duo themselves, as you attempt to traverse The Gardens Between. Now how about that?

The Gardens Between is available on Steam, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Mac App Store, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

The Gardens Between OUT NOW! – Gameplay Trailer (ESRB) – Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, Mac App Store