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From ‘Skyrim’ Mod to Stand-Alone: ‘The Forgotten City’ Features a Murder Mystery… Across Time

It’s not often that we get to experience murder mysteries with a time travelling twist. Not often at all. Much too rare, actually, so I for one am certainly pleased to share with you this little piece of news regarding popular The Forgotten City will be making the leap from Skyrim mod to Unreal Engine 4… soon. Or in other words, it will be a stand-alone indie game, rather than require Skyrim (something I’m sure carries more than a few restrictions, however awesome that darn Elder Scrolls game).

In fact, one glance at the press release confirms my suspicions regarding how the game is going to change in this upcoming version: “a new city brought to life in Unreal Engine, redesigned characters and dialogue, original lore, fresh twists and endings, added combat and wall-climbing mechanics, an all-new orchestral score, professional voice acting and motion capture animations”. Yup. Lots of changes and overall improvements. Lots!

As for exactly what you’ll be doing in The Forgotten City… well, I did mention that murder mystery, right? Alright. Here’s the problem: someone “broke a mysterious law”, resulting in the death of no less than twenty-six explorers. Not good, but all hope is not lost just yet, because time travel. Basically, far as I can tell, you – the player – get to do a bit of Groundhog Day-style time jumping, eventually perhaps saving everyone; or, alternatively, sacrificing a few along the way… for the greater good (ie. saving your own you-know-what)? Only time will tell.

The Forgotten City will be available on Steam come 2019, carrying a $19.99 price tag.

The Forgotten City – Stand-alone game – E3 Reveal Trailer