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‘The Cult of Refrigodrator’ Impressions: Hungry Hungry… Cultists?

I’ve always dreamt of controlling my own little army of minions. There’s just something about it. I don’t know. Anyway, in The Cult of Refrigodrator, you get to do just that, albeit with one tiny caveat: starve them and they’ll turn on you. Keep them fed – and alive – long enough however, and you just might be able to… awaken The Refrigodrator!

Yes, I know: silly name, but what can ya do? It’s a video game, and a pretty darn interesting one at that; especially for a game that came to be during Ludum Dare 40, time constraint and all. In it, your goal is to ‘attain 100 followers at the end of the 30th cycle to awaken The Refrigodrator’. While this may not sound like an insurmountable task, it’s actually noticeably more complex than it sounds, and requires pretty decent management skills. Also, you have to stay alive. That part can not be stressed enough.

So how do you go about accomplishing said task? Well, either move your minions around to recruit unsuspecting civilians or – mana willing – press ‘F’ to target one or more for instant cult growth. Meanwhile, ‘Q’ lets you fire an ice beam with relative limited range, while ‘E’ is used to cover an area with ice, blasting everything to smithereens. Pretty useful stuff, no doubt. Just don’t forget to be on the move as hostile forces will show up from time to time, and while he/she/it may not look it, the protagonist is actually kinda fragile. Don’t let that health bar fool ya.

Oh, and I did mention how you’d do well to keep your little pack fed, right? Okay. Good. This does mean you’ll have to balance recruitment and murder though, seeing how dead candidates (and minions!) become food, while live ones… well, can be converted. With a little persuasion and/or the right spell. Thirty cycles may seem like a lot early on, but you’ll soon discover that it really isn’t. Not unless you get really lucky or are incredibly skilled at controlling The Cult of Refrigodrator. Go on, give it a go!

The Cult of Refrigodrator