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IFComp 2016: More Than Fifty Interactive Writings to Play and Judge


Less than twenty-four hours ago, the organizer(s) of this year’s IFComp gathered a grand total of fifty-eight entries, organizing the lot for judging. And playing. We mustn’t forget about that, as it, you know, comes before judging. Judging sight unseen would be a tad silly, after all, not to mention… unfair. So do go over the rules before ya hit the list, however tempting it may be to just dive right in and start rating. Fair is fair, work before pleasure and all that.

As such, first up, rules. Or guidelines, I suppose. Either way, they’re to be read and followed. I mean, wouldn’t you be pissed if someone screwed up and cost you a high ranking in the competition? Exactly. So just in case, a few examples…

  • Anyone who didn’t enter a game this year can help judge IFComp. (Exception: Please do not rate any games that you tested or otherwise played before October 1, 2016.)
  • To have your ratings counted, you must rate at least five games by November 15, 2016.
  • Rate games according to your own taste and principles, and assign your own meaning to all 10 possible rating-values (not just “1” and “10”).
  • Please do not rate games you haven’t played. It’s OK to have a ballot with lots of unrated games, so long as you have at least five rated by mid-November.

All good? Then click the links below – or this one to browse – and play some groovy interactive writings already! Don’t forget to judge, and judge fairly, treating other like you would have them treat you… or something along those lines. Long live the IFComp!

(Source: IFComp 2016 is open for judging)