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Switch Gonna Rain Games: Next Stop for ‘Teslagrad’ and ‘World to the West’? Nintendo!

It’s hard to believe that in less than a month, Rain Games’ electromagnetic puzzler, Teslagrad, will be four years old. Not like they’ve been resting on their laurels though, for earlier this year, World to the West saw players returning to that very same universe, albeit with a noticeable change in gameplay, opting for top-down action over 2D platforming. Oh, and another thing the two have in common is that… they’re about to hit the Nintendo Switch! So groovy.

Now, for those not familiar with either – and somehow not content with my brief description in the paragraph above – Teslagrad is a 2D title with a strong emphasis on environmental manipulation through the power of magnetism, and to some extent, electricity. Along the way you’ll acquire new abilities, enabling access to previously unreachable areas, and of course, to continue progressing your quest to “discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower”. Definitely a fun game, even if certain sections did frustrate me ever so slightly.

As for World to the West – well, I have yet to actually play this one, but here’s what’s what: you’ll be controlling four very unlikely, heroes, each with not only a rather unique skill set, but also their own reasons for doing what they do; and yet, somehow, their stories are all intertwined. I mean, wouldn’t make much sense to make them all playable in the same game if they weren’t, so… yeah. Makes sense in that regard. Also, did I mention how it’s set in the Teslagrad universe?

Teslagrad will be available December 7, 2017 with a $/€/£14.99 MSRP, while World to the West will be available January 18, 2018 with a $/€/£19.99 MSRP. Switch!

Rain Games

Teslagrad Launch Trailer

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World to the West for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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