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Feel the Beat in ‘TERRORHYTHM TRRT’ to Bust a Move Within a Relentless Onslaught

Punch left! Punch right! Kick left! Kick left! Stomp! STOMP! STOM– too late, you’re dead. Or maybe that’s not quite how TERRORHYTHM TRRT plays. Hard to say, as I can’t really tell from available footage at this point. What is obvious however, is that we’re dealing with a combat-centric rhythmic affair here, with… a hint of One Finger Death Punch. That last bit? Definitely a positive, far as I’m concerned.

Featuring a protagonist armed with but a meager four buttons, this certainly has ‘pick up and play’ potential. That’s not to say those seeking a challenge won’t find it though, as the game will also have “a hard mode for high score gainers and the achievers”. Lovely. You guys have fun with that, while I try to avoid getting beat up, skipping beat after beat, unable to land a single punch, never getting into a groove. Or maybe I’ll be the one topping the leaderboards, not long after launch? Ya never know…

In the world where the silence is the only anthem, you should break the law to bring back the sound and the music to humanity. But while there are those who still remember the melody of the former life, hope remains.

That said, with its release pretty much right around the corner, mere weeks away at the time of writing, it’s hardly surprising that its creator, EvilCoGames, already has a roadmap ready for post-launch support. Ranked challenges, more missions, enemy types, gameplay tweaks – chances are a lot of this will be based on community feedback (especially the ‘tweaks’ bit). Oh, and how about a ‘custom music mode’ to really extend replayability? Also planned. Can you feel the beat, or will you be faced with a crushing defeat in booming silence?

TERRORHYTHM TRRT will be available on Steam, come March 2018.