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‘Starward Rogue’ Gets AuGMENTED With Lots of New Items, Areas, Enemies, Everything!

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year already, since players first got to experience Arcen Games’ blend of roguelike, bullethell, mech… thing… in space. Yeah. Quite a mix that one, and a fun one at that! Plenty to do, see, shoot and collect, and with the recently released AuGMENTED expansion, Starward Rogue is bigger and better than ever. New enemies! New weapons! New MECHS! YEAH! Ahem.

Oh, almost forgot: Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED also adds Gold Floors. These act as risk/reward challenges, in that rare enemies guard equally rare valuables, for those up to the challenge of taking them down. Quite the interesting addition, and it doesn’t end there either (would be quite the boring expansion if it did, ya know?).

Basically, dropping a handful of dollars – or  your regional currency – on AuGMENTED will get ya… well, more of everything, really. Several dozen new enemies, more than a hundred new rooms, mini-bosses, regular bosses, boss bosses (wait, what?), a Paladin mech, a Warhog mech – and so much more. More. More of everything! More stuff! More fun!

Or more potential for fun, I should say, as no two playthroughs will be the same. Also, new music to go along with all the killing, whether it be you or your enemies that end up hitting the floor in absolutely beautiful explosions. No time like the present to… enter The Megalith!


Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED is available on Steam, carrying a $6.99 price tag.

Starward Rogue: AuGMENTED (Trailer)

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