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‘Sleep Tight’, Aided by Pillow Forts, RC Gun Turrets and Other Toys to Survive the Night

Parents have this uncanny habit of telling their kids that no monsters are hiding under their bed. It’s almost like a scripted response at this point. So weird. I mean, in Sleep Tight at least, that’d be a lie as monsters are very real here. Now, they may or may not reside under your bed, but you better believe they’re a menace to be dealt with. How? Why, by way of pillow forts and various toys of course!

During the day, you’ll be setting up various defenses, from pillow forts to remote-controlled turrets, and then… night comes. This is where you – or your setup, rather – will truly be tested, enemies swarming on your position, more than a little eager to tear through it all… to get to you. As for how pillow forts and various toy weapons make up any kind of worthwhile defense, well, keep in mind that this is after all a video game. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

Spend the day building pillow forts and preparing for the hordes of monsters that emerge after dark. Fight back against what goes thump in the night with foam dart-guns, water balloon launchers, and other toys.

That said, as time goes by, you’ll (hopefully) be challenged by increasingly tougher adversaries. As such, be sure to spend equal amounts of time during the day repairing everything and upgrading not just your creations, but also your character. Oh, and unlock a new weapon or two when you get the chance, eh? The better prepared you are, the easier night-time will be. In theory…

Don’t let them cutesy graphics fool ya either, for while Sleep Tight may look like a children’s game, the threat level found within this here twin-stick shooter is almost too real. Fortunately, the same goes for what is considered useless toys in the real world, giving you plenty of opportunity and means with which to fight back against… things that go bump in the night. And fight you shall, for should your defenses fail, your next nap will be the longest yet!

Sleep Tight will be available on Switch and Steam, come Q1 2018.

Sleep Tight – Announcement Trailer