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Rhythm Jam: Get Into the Gamedev Groove

Rhythm Jam

About time someone got a jam like this going, I’d say. From Audiosurf to Symphony, there’s no shortage of music-driven indie games, but one can never have enough of a good thing, ya know? The only requirement for participation, is to create a rhythm action game as it were; or at least, one that incorporates rhythm-based gameplay. So… let the music play!

Before you lose yourself in the sound of music, rockin’ to the beat and all that, do keep one thing in mind: using licensed tracks without permission is a terrible idea. Doesn’t matter if you plan on selling your creation at some point down the road or not. Copyright is copyright. Besides, it took less than a minute of searching to find a ton of royalty-free music, so it’s not like ya don’t have a choice.

Aside from that, feel free to let those creative juices flow, and remember, it’s quite alright to be inspired by pre-existing works, so long as what you make doesn’t resemble the source material too closely. Or in not so many words: cloning games is bad. Should you find yourself truly stuck, inspiration hiding somewhere out of reach, the Rhythm Jam resource page might be able to help get things started.

The base of every rhythm action game is that the player has to execute actions on the beat of a song. The faster and more complex the song is, the harder it gets.

With the jam well under way, I’m sure some of you are more than a little eager to get started, even if there’s still plenty of time left. You have until the 20th of August to submit your rockin’ (head boppin’? groovin’? swingin’?) creation to Game Jolt. Be sure to include ‘#rhythmjam’ in its description for it to be part of the jam, and you’re all set to boogie with the Rhythm Jam!

Gloria Estefan – Rhythm Is Gonna Get You