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‘Remnants of Naezith’ to Thrill Swinging Speedrunners With Fast-Paced Grappling… Soon!

All hail Naezith, the ancient thunder dragon! What? Don’t question me, just do it. Kayra, Remnants of Naezith‘s protagonist, worships said dragon after all. I mean, his body is shared with the beast – doesn’t get more worship-y than that. As for why he’s done this… well… something about destroying fragments of a dragon’s body (wait, what?). Also, part of the deal involved Kayra getting a mystical grappling hook. Not bad.

All that said, with a game like this, the plot is kinda just, well, there. The focus, and what’ll hopefully hook (get it?) everyone, is the action aspect, Kayra going grappling and swinging, fast as he possibly can, dodging obstacles along the way as best he can. Or rather, as best the player can. You know what I mean! And with eighty-some levels, plus a bunch of secrets, there’s plenty to experience. Swing, swing, swing… and go fast. Really fast. Super fast. Ancient thunder dragon-fast!

Then, once you’re done with the campaign as it were… get competitive! Race against other players’ times with global leaderboards, create your own levels and play other’s creations, and watch the odd replay to see just how that one crazily skilled guy pulled off such a ridiculous time. Come to think of it, Remnants of Naezith has ‘speedrunning’ written all over it, ya know? As such, hopefully we’ll see it run at the next Games Done Quick (which, incidentally, is this summer). Fingers crossed.

Remnants of Naezith will be available on Steam from February 6, 2018.

Remnants of Naezith – Release Trailer