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Snake Your Way Through ‘QRTH-PHYL’ On XBLIG and PC


Snake clones may be a dime a dozen, but this one is a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.

Anyone with a cellphone has likely played the classic game Snake at one point or another, but I highly doubt the experience has ever matched what qrth-phyl brings to the table, with crazy 2D/3D dimension shifting and flashy colors to help keep things fresh (and rather difficult, I might add). High replayability was also an important factor during development, as levels are randomly generated each time you play, so every experience will be different.

However, randomly generated levels is not the only strong selling point of qrth-phyl, as the way you play actually determines what the game throws at you, so you’ll always be facing a challenge. How’s that for a solid Snake (no pun intended) game? There’s no PC demo just yet, but according to the developer one will be made available soon.

qrth-phyl is out now for PC ($3, DRM-free) and on XBLIG ($1/80 MSP), where it’s kicking off what looks to be a phenomenal Indie Games Uprising III. Oh and don’t forget about its Steam Greenlight page.

Update: Developer removed it from Greenlight.