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PAX Australia Now Accepting Indie Showcase 2015 Submissions

PAX Australia Indie Showcase

With two successful PAX Australia’s in a row, it’s hardly a surprise that the expo is heading for its third outing, later this year. Among other things, this does of course include yet another potentially awesome Indie Showcase, which is – as always – about putting focus on indie developers and their creations, as the lucky victors are given stand space on the floor to… well, strut their stuff.

Not everyone are applicable however, as for starters, the contest is only open to people from Australia and New Zealand. Makes sense, since this is after all the Australian version of PAX, ya know? On top of that, any kind of publisher attachment is a big no-no, and your game must at least have reached beta stage of development (basically, no prototypes, concepts, etc.).

While the expo takes place from October 30th through November 1st, the deadline for Indie Showcase 2015 submissions is much earlier, on July 6th. Those picked will receive an email on July 21st, and keep in mind that if you’re among the lucky few, you will be required to demo the game during all open hours. Not just 30 minutes here and there, but throughout the entire thing, actually.

Keep in mind we are specifically looking for fun factor and a great gameplay experience. Yes, art, audio and stunning visuals can certainly affect the experience, but we aren’t dishing out individual awards for those categories.

Now, while submitting will set you back $50, getting picked does come with a ton of benefits, the least of which is four hall passes for the event. On top of that, there’s an opportunity for some free press as the victors will be announced on the Penny Arcade website, as well as at the expo itself (a pretty big deal, in case you were wondering). Oh and it doesn’t matter if you’re an up-and-coming developer with but a playable demo or a title long since launched, so long as it’s an independent creation. Groovy, eh?

Further details, including how and where to submit participation requests, can be found here, while this link leads directly to the official PAX Australia website. Yay, PAX!