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‘Path of Exile’ Turns Back the Hands of Time In Upcoming Flashback Leagues

Path of Exile

With the upcoming fourth act (aka. Path of Exile: The Awakening) in closed beta, chances are it won’t be long until that massive expansion is unleashed, forever changing Wraeclast. Even so, that’s still at least a couple of months away, so… what to do until then? Well, one could always participate in the Flashback leagues, as these contain a crazy mix of past league modifiers, guaranteed to really mix things up!

Now, for those not in the know, Path of Exile‘s leagues are time limited events (or races) with pre-defined criteria, and/or in unique areas. Of all the [leagues] that have come and gone over the years, I’ve only tried my hand at The Endless Ledge, which is a chaotic dash through The Ledge with no towns or vendor NPCs. Just you, whatever the provision chest in front of you contain, and items fallen foes leave behind.

As you can likely tell from the above example, for the most part, leagues completely change how the game is played, forcing participants to think outside the box, often putting their skills to the test in a grand way. The same will definitely be true for the Flashback ones, as anyone who’s experienced the Invasion and Nemesis mods will tell ya. Individually, they don’t pose a great threat, really, as Invasion simply adds an additional boss to areas while Nemesis give magic (blue) monsters a Nemesis Mod. But Flashback actually puts several into each rotation, and I have a feeling the likes of Nemesis, Invasion, Rampage and Bloodlines at once will be the death of many exiles.

Ain’t just about challenging your Path of Exile skills/knowledge either, as the top 20 players (by experience) will receive “an alternate-art Demigod’s Eye“, which is quite the prestigious award to say the least. That said, considering the large player base, breaking even top 50 is gonna be a challenge for sure. But don’t let that stop you from trying, because… no guts, no glory!

(Source: One Month Flashback Leagues)