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‘Path of Exile: Ascendancy’ Will be Quite a Treat For Old and New Players Alike

path of exile ascendancy

The amount of content additions popular action-RPG Path of Exile has seen since its 2013 launch is absolutely staggering. Even more so given its free-to-play nature, and believe it or not, yet another mini-expansion is right around the corner. This one, titled Ascendancy, might not be as large as The Awakening, but its additions are still noteworthy to say the least, if not genuine game changers.

But let’s take it from the top. This time around, it’s all about the acquisition of power, and pretty much literally at that, seeing how you’ll be able to test your mettle in the fabled Trials of Ascendancy! These brand new dungeons will test even the most battle-hardened Path of Exile veteran, as the primary ‘obstacle’ within these resides outside the realm of combat… instead focusing on puzzle-y environmental hazards. Better gear up for some crazy acrobatics if you wish to reap the rewards.

Oh right, almost forgot: the Trials of Ascendancy is only the beginning. Those lucky and / or skilled enough to make it through in one piece, will be challenged within Izaro’s Labyrinth next. As the name implies, its structure resembles that of a maze, although not of the normal kind. I mean, most are set in stone, or whatever material is used – not this one. Instead, the walls of Izaro’s Labyrinth shifts once every twenty-four hours, enabling players to share strategies and tips for the current layout every day, should they so desire. Quite a lovely addition, I’d say.

Don’t get too busy in the maze, poking bricks in search of secret passages and what-have-you though, as emperor Izaro – while long dead – still resides within, eagerly awaiting adventurers with a fight to the death… multiple times. Guess some people just won’t stay dead, huh? Each will also be different depending on several factors, including how the prior ended. Mysterious? Nonsensical? Don’t worry – it’ll make sense after facing the should-have-stayed-dead emperor.

As far as rewards for your trouble goes… well, this is where the aforementioned potentially game changing content resides, as you’ll be able to build upon current abilities through a fun little thing called Ascendancy Classes. How about +10% life and +15% damage to the minions (aka. hirelings-from-beyond) of a witch? Or maybe some blazing fast arrows for the ranger, with +10% attack speed, +30% projectile speed AND +30% projectile damage? Crikey. I almost feel sorry for enemies who stand in the way of ascended players. Almost.

Now, while all that stuff is pretty darn groovy, there’s some bad news too: the Ascendancy mini-expansion won’t be out until early 2016. Ain’t far off, sure, but still at least a few months, so in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website for more information. That and the awesome trailer, embedded below, of course. See ya in Wraeclast.

(Source: forum post)

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Official Trailer