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Fire Up That Creativity For the ‘No Touch Screen Or Mouse Challenge’

No Touch Screen Or Mouse Challenge

It may sound strange, but limiting ones options does have a tendency to birth genuine creativity, and that’s exactly what this No Touch Screen Or Mouse Challenge is all about. Sounds strange? That’s because it is. It really is. There’s reason to this rhyme though, even if it doesn’t… uh… rhyme. Right, anyway: there’s game making to be done!

So, first things first. If you’re making a phone game, no touch-screen usage, and for computer games, no mouse input. Pretty simple, although as one might suspect, less so once you actually get into the nitty gritty, sketching up concepts and such, working under said restrictions. Obviously it’s anything but impossible though – just gotta think outside the box. Phones have gyroscopes, GPS and other devices, none of which requires touching the screen, and computers? Oh man, more than a hundred keys available, even if none of them are located on a mouse. See? Not that hard.

At least that’s what I want to say, and it’s easy for me to do so as I won’t be participating! But seriously, those who plan on partaking would do well to note that on September 20th, at 11pm, the No Touch Screen Or Mouse Challenge ends. So eh, get yer submissions in before that time, aye? Would be a shame to create something brilliant, to then completely miss the deadline. Definitely would.