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Monster Mash! 2014: Finally a Game Jam About Unleashing Your Inner Monster

monster mash

Like it or not, monsters have long since become a popular part of pop culture; not all evil either, ya know? In fact, I’d almost go as far as to say that most are simply… misunderstood. There are also those completely hell-bent on destruction though, and Monster Mash! 2014 is here to celebrate both kinds, allowing that glorious spotlight shine on them for a change!

Whether it be first person shooters, role-playing games, complex strategy titles or, heck, even racers, hoomans (it’s a word!) have pretty much been the go-to choice, but this week, things are going to be different. Ghoulish, one might say. No? Aw. Anyway, everything from vampires to swamp creatures, centaurs, mutants goes, as far as character choice goes for your creation. But those are simply examples that popped into my mind; a LOT more exist, as indicated by a trip to Wikipedia’s list of legendary creatures, to name but one of many resources.

So, all set to craft a monster tale unlike anything the world has ever seen, or maybe you need a bit of incentive? Alright, how about the possibility of winning a one-year subscription to Loom SDK Turbo? On top of that, there are also less prize-y, more virtual award/recognition-ish things, in the form of ‘multipliers’. These let ya show off exactly how beastly (and varied) your creation is, as there are ones for incorporation a romantic (sub)plot, cryptozoology, and a historical twist, among other. Neat, eh?

Let’s face it – we use humans a LOT in our games, so why not explore outside Earth for a little while? Why shouldn’t we creep in the crypt, or dance in the den?

Even if, like me, you won’t be participating, there’s still the results (as in, games) to look forward to. As such, here’s to experiencing a bunch of crazy tales about deformed, eerie, dangerous monsters – or the exact opposite – come midnight, July 7th!

Monster Mash! 2014