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Meet Up ‘n Comin’ Run ‘n Gunnin’ ‘DOT’


1Coin are currently working on what they claim is an “an evolution of the Run ‘n Gun genre adapted for a great mobile experience”. That’s quite the bold statement, not only considering such games have been around since the early days of 8-bit consoles, but also because there are quite a few similar games on mobile devices already. Who knows though, maybe this jet-pack fueled arcade title has a shot?

While there isn’t a lot of details available yet, let’s take a look at what is known about DOT: As I’m sure everyone knows by now, on-screen buttons has pretty much become the norm for 2D games on touch-screen devices, but DOT takes a different route with its controls: Tapping the left half of the screen activates your jetpack, while tapping the right half shoots; at least this way, no one can say that the controls aren’t big enough. It may sound simple, but it’s not just a matter of shooting bad guys while sailing carelessly through the air, since meteors and other obstacles need to be either dodged or blasted to smithereens with your upgradeable weapon. Oh and we mustn’t forget about the boss battles, as the developer claims that “You will have to use all your game skills if you want to defeat them!”

We’ll see whether or not they actually manage to evolve the genre when DOT launches later this year, on iOS and Android. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on its IndieDB page and the official website for development updates.

DOT Gameplay Trailer #1