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MAGS September Is All About Temptation In the Form of “Mermaids and Sirens”


Mermaids. Sirens. Wow. Straight from August’s “Censorship” theme to one incorporating both of these mythological creatures, eh? What a crazy couple of months for MAGS fans – creators and players alike! Can’t wait to see what people come up with this time in exactly one month, when MAGS September ends.

But… that’s MAGS September. What about MAGS August? It did give us a grand total of six(!) new fun Adventure Game Studio creations after all, full of that nasty censorship stuff, and can be found linked below. So get to clicking and playing and… pointing? Maybe not in that order.

Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup (DBoyWheeler)
Yeah, I mistakenly called Blondbraid “Blondbeard”.  In game even!  Oops! :-[

The Campaign Of Daphne White (Slasher)
MP Daphne White is enforcing her censorship policies on her constituent public. The public are outraged that their freedom to choose is being taken away so they march to the ‘House’ to protest against Daphne White’s censorship policies. The ‘House’ turns down their protests. The constituent public decide to take matters into their own hands by defying Daphne White and going about breaking her censorship policies.
“You all know about the censorship policies I have presented to the House.”
“There is far too much sordidness going on within my constituency.”
There are four censorship quests (different people) that can be done in any order and you can change quests at any time.
Meet Sally, a friendly Labrador and drive a pink convertible…

Cyborg Seppuku (The Outer Zone)
It has been great working on my first AGS game!

The Man Who Liked Cats (Mandle)
A man flees his war-torn country with the only family he has left, his beloved cat, Kitty.
What does fate, and the kindness or cruelty of other people, have in store for them both?

Vacant Bodies (VampireWombat)
I’m actually hours before the deadline. Of course I did take a few shortcuts…
Hopefully it’s fully playable and not missing anything.

Fists of Murder (Jack)
Homeless man Joe witnesses a murder and must work with a friend to undo the cover-up and get the truth out.