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MAGS October Wants to Shrink Everything With Its “Miniature” Theme


They say that size doesn’t matter. More often than not, this holds true… unless you look at this month’s MAGS competition, at least. Which you really should, because, adventure games! I mean, they’re not done yet of course, as no developer is that fast, but come end of October, surely. If you’re only interested in playing that is – actual game makers need to get the gears grinding right now! So, gears grinding yet?

But… all that’s just for MAGS September. What about MAGS October? It did yield a bunch of sirening mermaid-y titles, all of which are listed below. So get to clicking and playing and… pointing? Maybe not in that order.

Jason and the Golden Apple (Slasher)
Mesopotamia is on the outbreak of an epidemic of decease and many are dying. The Golden Apple is said to bring peace and cure all deceases. So the Khalif of Baghdad commissions Jason to sail to the island of Ghoul to obtain the Golden Apple that he as been informed of and that it is somewhere on Ghoul island.
Jason sets sail with his loyal crew to the Island of Ghoul. Unbeknownst to Jason Ghoul island is habited by flesh eating Sirens whose beautiful wailing voices drive men insane who crash their ships onto the sharp rocks only to be eaten alive!
Can Jason make it safely onto the island of Ghoul and find the Golden Apple?
Or will Bob Bones and his cut-throat skeleton crew get it?

Here Be *NO* Sirens (Kastchey)
A siren, half-woman, half-bird is doing her very best to live peacefully on her remote little island.
But how can one hope for some peace and quiet if, for some weird reason, human sailors just won’t stop washing ashore?

Sweet Mythery (VampireWombat)
I’m sure there are bugs.
And not all is implemented.