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MAGS June’s “Ice” Theme Is Just the Thing For Summer


Summer! It’s here, it’s glorious, and with it… a cool, refreshing theme for MAGS in the form of, well, “Ice”. Vanilla? Strawberry? Chocolate? Something unheard of? Non-edible ice? Melted ice? Your game, your choice – just remember to have it submitted by the end of the month, and also, don’t forget to go out and enjoy the summer. Won’t last forever.

But… that’s MAGS June. What about MAGS May? It did bring about three a lot of rather interesting titles after all, each of which are linked to below with details. Because details matter!

Update: my apologies – got a bunch of last-minute submissions.

Rainbow Skunk Prism and the Vermin-Truder (DBoyWheeler)
Help the lovely rainbow-furred skunk girl, Prism O’Breacadhanlae, get rid of a mutant ratman who’s trashing her greenhouse.

The Rat Pack Do Cheesy Castle (Slasher)
There had been years of oppression and cheese starvation under King Rat. One day, after having had enough Del, Rodney and Trigger pluck up the courage to put an end to it and plan taking all of King Rat’s cheese and feeding the cheese starved. So they pack their lunchboxes and set off to King Rat’s Cheesy Castle. Of course getting there is another story as they have to first make their way through a wood to find Checkpoint Charlie, and so their journey begins.

The Rat Pack (CaptainD)
Forage for food, breed, lay low to fool those pesky humans into thinking you’ve gone, expand your next, upgrade your foraging, trap evasion and digging skills… don’t let your food supply run out or your rats all die off, and if you can, expand your colony to a thousand rats to win the game!

The Devious and Daring Commando Raid of Linkattus, the Lowly Janitor Rat (fernewelten)
The Devious and Daring
Commando Raid
of Linkattus, the Lowly Janitor Rat,
In Order to Free
the Princess of His Dreams,
And to Get Her, Too

Rat Playing Game (Mandle)
You play as a sewer rat who, one day, detects a delicious smell coming from a plate of food accidentally left out overnight on a restaurant counter somewhere far above his sewer-pipe lair.
Along the way you will encounter enemies to fight, poisonous bait, a powerful final boss enemy and, hopefully, some moments to make your skin crawl.
Save up your XP and return to your lair to buy upgrades to your stats and skills and maybe eventually you will defeat the final boss enemy and get to the exquisite prize!

The Burgomaster (morganw)
I have been working on my entry together with Morganw and HandsFree about the black plague and the rats spreading the disease.
Unfortunately HandsFree was called into action elsewhere, but here is the entry from Blondbraid and myself.

Lab Rat Maze! (Cassiebsg)
Ever wondered what a lab rat feels when someone places him into a maze? Well, now you no longer have to wonder! Experience it for your self!
Feel frustrated by the unfair tasks, extreme level of memory and other skills requirements that evil humans put poor rats through!

Echo in the Clouds (Hobo)
Brought to you by Hobo, Pinback, selmiak and Myshkin