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Kick Off 2019 With a “Crossover” Game for MAGS January


What better way to start a brand new year than with a crossover or two, in game form? At least that’s what I’m hoping will be the basis for many an odd adventure game during this month’s MAGS (New Year’s Eve hangover be damned).

But… that’s just for MAGS January. What about MAGS December? Plenty Christmas fun was enjoyed during that month after all, resulting in three rather interesting games that you should totally drop what you’re doing to play!

Santa and the orphanage (Slasher)
“Mayor, Ebeneezer Grinch has cut Christmas funding for the Wayward children’s Orphanage and so they are relying on public donations. Santa said he would be more than happy to give the children presents and Christmas dinner this year, much to the dismay of Mayor, Ebeneezer Grinch. So, Mayor Grinch has sent his henchmen to Santa’s workshop to ruin the orphanage’s Christmas!”

The Goat Crone (The Outer Zone)
An occult Christmas tale of family love and dark rituals.

Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas (cat)
Someone was naughty and stole the Christmas decoration! Now it is up to Cornelius and Mortimer to bring it back and save Christmas.
Meet old and new characters, enjoy Dr. Seuss style rhymes and solve festive puzzles in a cotton wool landscape.