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MAGGIES 2016: Show Some Love For Your Favorite MAGS of Yesteryear

Outta' Juice!

While you’re likely familiar with – or have at least heard of – either Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine or Lumberyard, how about… Adventure Game Studio? I mean, while titles made with that one may be few and far between, aspiring developers do buckle down to create new ones for the MAGS jam every single month. Awesome games too, for the most part. Games which you should totally play, and not just because of MAGGIES 2016. But also because of MAGGIES 2016. Did I mention MAGGIES 2016 yet?

Twelve months, twelve rounds of MAGS, twelve winners, and now it’s time to find out just who gets to add a virtual MAGGIES trophy to their… shelf? At least I think that’s how it works. That bit about voting in the title is the real deal, though, even if it won’t be happening until sometime around January 18 (as December’s MAGS victor will be found on that day).

Now, you might be wondering why on Earth I’m writing about the MAGGIES this long before voting opens, but there’s a proper good reason for that: sampling the goods across twelve different pointy and clicky titles can be time-consuming, so while you won’t be able to actually vote yet, no one’s stopping you from doing the prep work. In fact, why don’t we just skip to where I list each game with screenshots and links, so you can get started?

(Source: MAGGIES 2016)

Among Thorns

Among Thorns (Matt Frith)

Home Sweet RoN

Home Sweet RON (DarkWater)


A Sloth for Both Seasons (CaptainD, Selmiak and Creamy)

Toffee Trouble in Creamville

Toffee Trouble in Creamville (Miez and Cat)

Out of Gas

Out of Gas (Cassiebsg)

Blackudder: To doubloon or not to doubloon

Blackudder: To doubloon or not to doubloon (Slasher)



Monkeys to the Moon

Monkeys to the Moon (Crystal Shard)

Graveyard (MAGS)

Graveyard (CaesarCub)

Sonic and friends in: "Club-House"

Sonic and friends in: Club House (Slasher)

Psychopomp (MAGS)

Psychopomp (Riaise)

December (to be decided)

Pickpocket RPG
Pickpocket RPG (Mandle)

Night Work

Night Work (Funkpanzer)