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‘Location Services’ Tells the Story of a Shady PI In a Fully Digitised World

Location Services

Ever wanted to be a PI who isn’t afraid to bend the rules to get the job done? Then Location Services might be right up your alley. In a fully digitized world, Anthony Lira is on a mission to track down a man known only as “D” and it’s your job to help him. Normally this would involve old-school interrogation and bribery, but the world being what it is, I have a feeling you’ll also have to partake in rather shady things to gather intel, such as… hacking.

Tell me that doesn’t sound intriguing? Well, I’m kinda hoping it does, because at this point there’s not much more information available on Owl Cave’s upcoming title. Following in the footsteps of their February release, Richard & Alice, this time it’s going to be “something a bit less depressing”, which I’m sure fans will appreciate. Sad stories in video games do have their place, but for the most part I believe players would rather be left with a smile on their face than tears in their eyes. Or am I alone in thinking that?

While Location Services will be rooted in the adventure genre like Richard & Alice before it, at the same time Owl Cave mentions that we’ll see something less traditional this time, whatever that means? After looking at the screenshots, my head is literally spinning with possibilities for this particular setup though. So here’s to hoping for plenty more details on the blog, sooner rather than later.

I guess it’s part-adventure, part-puzzler, part weird-story-driven-thing. Mechanically, it’s a game in which you solve anagrams and grid reference puzzles against the clock.

Not sure if I’m more confused or hyped. Probably a bit of both. I mean, a fully digitized world where you play as a PI? Tell me, when was the last time such a video game saw the light of day? Unfortunately, there’s some bad news too: the current release date is “at some point in the future”, so I guess we’ll  just have to be patient.