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Experience the Mystical World of Kynseed Over the Course of Several Generations

In just about every game I’ve played where the protagonist actually aged, growing old meant he/she was nearing the end of the road for… well, everything. No continuing, second chances at life, and certainly no more tales to tell. That isn’t quite the case in Kynseed, as a mysterous acorn enables you to pass down both skills and powers to the next generation. Undeniably a good thing, as this world holds far too many wonders (and obstacles) for a single lifetime.

Exactly what you’ll do/become, where you’ll go and how this world will be shaped, well, that’s entirely up to you: run one of several businesses (blacksmith, tavern, apothecary, etc.), live off the land as a farmer, go adventuring and “battle dark faery tale creatures”, or heck, prank the locals. As mentioned earlier, experiencing everything would take more than a single lifetime.

Even more so considering the price tag at that strange Mr Fairweather fella is years; as in, from your lifespan. Whether his artifacts are worth it or not I do not know, but they do all serve some kind of weird purpose at least – much like the relationships you will eventually come to build with the NPCs. Every action, no matter how small, will (in theory) further your quest to “unlock the secrets of this mysterious dark faery tale world”. So remember, no price is too high when a grand adventure is the reward, and should you fail to accomplish what you set out to do… there’s always the next generation, thanks to the mystical Kynseed.

The denizens of the forests never leave their homes…but if you wander from The Path expect trouble! All manner of monstrosities of folklore and Fae folk from Jabberwocks to Brownies, Men O’ the Wood to Hobgoblins, Wyrms to Banshees – these and many more lurk in the darkness.

One thing to note however is that, for all its intrigue and mystery, Kynseed is currently in Early Access, and will likely not be finished until November 2019, at earliest. Based on details from its Steam page, there seems to be a decent chunk of content available at the time of writing, though: “Currently we have 1 Haven consisting of 14 Regions as well as most of the 2nd Haven. Our plan is to have 6 Havens in total, a few hubs, various combat zones, and realms beyond.”

Don’t know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to experiencing Kynseed in its entirity, living out several generations, at least one spent ripping off the locals at the tavern, watering down drinks and such (likely won’t be part of the game, but one can dream). Here’s to what will hopefully, in time, become a glorious sandbox life sim RPG.

Kynseed [Early Access] is available on Steam and GOG.com, carrying a $9.99 price tag.