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Keep Changing the Color of Your Alien in ‘Joggernauts’ to Ensure Everyone’s Survival

It’s time to conga… in space. As colorful aliens. Plural. Because even if only one person is playing, there’ll still be two aliens to manage. At the same time. In a conga line. Did I mention the conga bit? Right. Anyway, in Joggernauts, it’s all about making sure the appropriate alien is always at the front; by which I mean, match the color of an upcoming obstacle or face terrible consequences. In space.

That’s the gist of it at least, and depending on whether you’re playing alone or with up to three other people, the entire thing will be more or less chaotic. See, if you get a full party of four going, there’ll be four different colors to manage at all times, levels adapting accordingly (based on the trailer, at least). Basically, multiplayer with “co-op that’s actually cooperative”. Good stuff.

It’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly, but you’re jogging.

If it gets too difficult, or isn’t challenging enough, just press a few buttons and the entire auto-runner will either speed up or slow down (why ‘git gud’ when you have difficulty modifiers like these?). Oh and before I forget: Joggernauts does contain an actual story, and if the trailer below is any indication, it’s a proper silly tale. So… who’s up for a truly colorful conga line?

Joggernauts is available on Steam and Switch, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

Joggernauts Coming Oct 11th to Nintendo Switch and Steam

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