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IndieCade 2016: and the Winners Are…

indiecade festival 2016

You know, generally speaking, I don’t care much for awards stuff. Probably because the majority of these celebrate already well-established and / or popular projects, whether it be music, a movie, a TV show or some such. But indie games? Man, now you’re speaking my language, and that’s exactly what IndeCade is about. Some pretty darn groovy ones too this year, both amongst victors and nominees.

That said, I am guilty of not being overly familiar with most of year’s Red Carpet Awards winners, but hey – no one’s familiar with every single title out there, ya know? Oh, and I’m almost positive there are other out there with that same feeling, giving this piece (at least) two reasons for being: spreading awareness and celebrating those who made the cut, as the competition was quite fierce!

So without further ado…