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The Debut 24 Bundle: 9 Games On the Cheap In Need of Greenlight Votes

indie royale debut 24

Tell me, did you vote? Have you? Should you? Silly question – of course you should! If nowhere else, then at least on one or more Greenlight titles from this particular lineup, eh? If you don’t feel like browsing the lot, Indie Royale‘s crammed a grand total of nine titles into a dirt cheap bundle.


Shutter (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
Re-live a dark and haunting tale in this fixed camera puzzle-horror game RE-miniscent of the first generation of survival horror games. Using both CCTV cameras and your upgradable RC surveillance unit, you have to keep your eyes and ears sharp in order to take photos and unearth a chilling event that unfolded years ago.

Atonement: Scourge of Time

Atonement: Scourge of Time (Windows – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
The last king was killed over 400 years ago and the global rule of the land ceased to exist. Slowly over the years the law and order started to subside, people began to divide amongst themselves, big cities were gradually gone and replaced with smaller settlements, and the whole land started to slowly degrade. Many believe it’s because the Angelkind have abandoned it.

500 Years Act 1

500 Years Act 1 Windows – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
The Earth was dying and humanity boarded ships to colonize the stars. These ships were named after the wonders of the ancient world: The Giza, The Alexandria, The Rhodes and finally, The Artemis. The Artemis landed and set up a colony on an Earth-like moon. Then the Ants, an insectoid species, came and enslaved the colony. All hope was lost. Years later you were born in the Artemis colony and joined the resistance against the Ants. One day the Ants suddenly left your colony for unknown reasons.

Alarameth TD

Alarameth TD (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
A unique, dynamic, challenging, fully-voiced tower defense game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You begin at Veldamir Castle, a small outpost at the edge of the human lands, where Wynathean the Wizard walks you through your training. From there, you proceed to the elven, dwarven, and gnomish realms in an effort to save the lands of Alarameth from certain annihilation.

PING 1.5+

PING 1.5+ (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
PING 1.5+ is a new arcade style puzzle game with the objective of shooting the cube and bouncing it off of corners to get through over 100 stages to reach the orange. The boss stages consist of a mini-game, all seemingly inspired by retro games from before the 90s. The concept is quite simple but it makes an addictive puzzler as you get to the later worlds where moving, invisible, breakable and other types of blocks and objects come into play.

Pixel Star

Pixel Star (Windows – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
Pixel Star is a retro arcade-style shoot-em-up; it seamlessly blends ‘classic’ with ‘modern’ to create a unique feel. Continue?… 10… 9… Endless action and dynamic gameplay provide brutal challenges. Only the fittest may survive the hazards awaiting discovery.

Hare In The Hat

Hare In The Hat (Windows, Mac, Linux – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
Fancy Point & Click quest in cartoon setting: first chapter of game called Hare in the Hat! Action in this chapter takes place in magician’s room, full of puzzles, riddles, clues and hidden object, where player have to find and a way to release the Hare from captivity!

Red Goblin: Cursed Forest

Red Goblin: Cursed Forest (Windows – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
Venture into the darkness of the Dream Forest and discover why it’s now called “Cursed”. Meet interesting characters in a psychological adventure, solve puzzles and learn all about the story of Artuo, the knight who wants to be a wizard; Red, a fire goblin that was summoned by Artuo; Melchior, the wizard of dreams and his companions.

Witches, Heroes and Magic

Witches, Heroes and Magic (Windows – DRM-Free, Desura) Greenlight
This game is hard at first. It’s unique and not a clone. You will die lots. It’s not like other RPG’s where you win easily vs everything. It’s similar to HOMM with unit stacking. There an enormous amount of strategy under the covers. You just need to look. It takes a little time to find the unique game play. Give it 1~3 hours and see if you still don’t like it. You won’t. You’ll love it because you’ll understand what it’s about and the aweswan things you can do.

You’ve got 13 days and 19 hours to grab the The Debut 24 Bundle before it disappears… forever!