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The Debut Bundle Cranks Greenlight Up To 11

Indie Royale The Debut 11 Bundle

Let’s hear it for another batch of Steam candidates! This one’s got racing, strategy, retro craziness, and of course, horror – no bundle is complete without at least one horror title after all. But if Valve keeps their promise, Indie Royale will soon be without their Debut series… when Greenlight ends, later this year! Something something dramatic music.

Eight games, one mystery title, no Steam keys because… Greenlight, y’know? Desura keys for the lot though, and as always, price drops whenever someone pays more than the average. Viking Guitar’s Made of Metal album is the musical addition, which will be included by forking over at least $6 at the checkout counter. Now, let’s inspect the debutants and… REMEMBER TO VOTE! Stop making excuses. It’s a simple task that requires but a few clicks (or taps, if you’re on a mobile device), and you’ll be doing the developers a huge favor.

Spice Road

Spice Road (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
You are a colonial governor in the 18th Century, building a town on the Spice Road in a time of war and discovery. More than spice travels your roads – musket armies, philosophies, and power plays that span the globe are at your control. From palace to monastry, trade post to smugglers den – your town is worthless without the nobles, monks, merchants and rogues that chose to live in it – and keeping them all happy at the same time is never simple.

8-Bit Commando

8-Bit Commando (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
8-Bit Commando is a run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack, local multiplayer and explosions. The graphics will take you back to the classic age of gaming and the gameplay is bound to challenge even the most seasoned vets.

Project Night

Project Night (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
You are alone. You are near a forest, but you don’t know anything about your life and this place. What is happened? Where are you? Who are you?

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Follow orphan Eva on a trip to mystical Prague in Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends. After a relative’s mysterious death, Eva inherits an ancient house in Prague. Knowing nothing about her past, she goes looking for answers. There she uncovers secrets about the house, her family and an insidious plan of the black alchemist. A wonderful and dangerous adventure is about to begin. Are you ready?

Tropical Stormfront

Tropical Stormfront (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
Retro Commander is a retro real-time strategy game inspired by the turn-based “Classic Empire” game. Units at your disposal include Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, Mechanics, Helicopters, Planes, Ships and Submarines amongst others. Buildings include base stations, shipyards, airfields and oil fields.


TrapThem (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
TrapThem revolves around technical and demanding puzzle-gameplay about outsmarting and trapping the enemies while avoiding being trapped yourself. This game introduces innovative block physics. The mechanics are as pure as it can get for their purpose. The game introduces all of its main mechanics early on instead of accumulating new systems you have to learn. So the challenge is to get better in what you are already using, like in chess.


KarBOOM (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) Greenlight
KarBOOM brings the console party-game experience to PC (whether Windows, Mac or Linux). Play with up to 8 gamepads, or simple keyboard controls mean up to 4 players can cram their hands together on one keyboard. While 4 hands on one keyboard isn’t ideal, 2 is quite comfortable, and every game mode has levels and mutator-combinations with one-on-one duels in mind.

99 Waves To Die

99 Waves to Die (Windows – Desura) Greenlight
Remember when video games used to be insanely difficult? When you used to spend $’s in the local arcade trying to get the high score? When having your three letter initials/acronym at the top of the table meant you were the king? Well we do, and that is why we have created 99 Waves to Die.

Don’t forget that Indie Royale’s The Debut 11 Bundle will only be available for little less than seven days, so don’t wait too long; unless you enjoy paying full price for indie games, that is. Nothing wrong with that, but since a bundle has been made available and all – might as well, right?