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IGF 2014 Main Competition Finalists Offered Free Pass Through Greenlight

IGF 2014

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a grand total of 23 games which will never have to spend time in the cold emptiness of Greenlight, as they get to skip not only the fee, but the entire thing. Some finalists are already on Steam though, like Papers, Please, The Stanley Parable and Don’t Starve. But as for the rest, I have a feeling most won’t be able to pass up such an opportunity.

Seeing how more than 650 games were submitted, narrowing it down to just 23 couldn’t have been easy. Definitely glad I’m not one of the judges who had to go through that process, much as I enjoy playing indie games. But alas, it has been done and here we are, plenty of heavy hitters having made the cut (no surprise there), all of which are now en route to Steam; should they so desire.

Valve is offering all IGF Main Competition finalists a Steam distribution agreement for games available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Yeah! Multi-platfo– oh right, Steam’s had Linux support for a while. Anyway… if you’re going to Game Developers Conference 2014, be sure to play at least some of them finalists, eh? I hear TowerFall Ascension is a particularly great multiplayer title, and if not that, then surely you’ll enjoy skating through Perfect Stride!

The full list can be found on the IGF website, and just in case, here’s the official announcement from Valve.