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The Gritty Sci-Fi Adventure ‘Gemini Rue’ Has Arrived On iOS

Gemini Rue iOS

Stop what you’re doing right now, because Wadjet Eye Games‘ sci-fi mystery about an ex-assassin and a man with no memory has finally appeared up on the app store! What am I rambling about this time? Why, Gemini Rue of course. It’s finally been released on iOS (iPhone and iPad), in a port that looks pretty much like the Windows version that came out two years ago. So, here are some details on this brand new iOS version.

Those who have played the Windows version already will find that little has changed in terms of gameplay, but certain tweaks were included to make the game more touch-friendly. For starters, the cursor is nowhere to be found, but who needs that in a touch-controlled point ‘n click anyway? Apart from that, most of the original interface made the transition, including the ‘toolbox interaction’ pop-up that handles everything from “talk” and “use” to “kick” (that’s right, you can actually kick stuff in Gemini Rue) and everything controls as you’d expect, with taps and swipes responding accordingly.

There are a few new/changed things in this port, however: keep touching the screen and interactable hot spots will appear, eliminating the need for pixel hunting. Combat has also been made touch-friendly, or at least the interface has, with sizeable on-screen buttons replacing the keyboard controls – an obvious change, but I figured I’d mention it anyway. If there’s anything else, I’ll be sure to bring it up in my review, which should be ready at some point this weekend.

If you don’t wanna wait for my detailed opinion of Gemini Rue before deciding whether or not to pick it up, I would ask that you at least keep the following in mind: not only is the iOS (iTunes) port $5 cheaper than the Windows (Steam / GOG) version, but whether or not the developer will be porting more of their games to iOS depends on how well this one does! Time to get back to my iPad, where Azriel and Delta-Six are in need of my assistance, and preparations for a review need to be made.

Gemini Rue – Official Trailer