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Interactive Panel Puzzler ‘FRAMED Collection’ Getting Jazzy On Switch This Spring

For the most part, when a comic book is written, published and on store shelves, its content… doesn’t change. Good guys die, bad guys escape, galaxies blow up and other bad things happen. But imagine if you were in control, able to change the order of events? Because that’s what FRAMED Collection lets you do, touch-screen controls and all on the Switch, this spring!

Now, while we’ve known for some time that FRAMED Collection was heading for desktop devices in 2018, this is still a very pleasant surprise. Or I suppose it’s not really all that surprising, seeing how Nintendo’s popular console hybrid is getting ports – some even enhanced/updated – of every indie game under the sun these days. That said, having recently gotten my hands on a Switch, I’m more than a little excited at the prospect of playing through FRAMED and FRAMED 2 on Nintendo hardware. Such a groovy prospect.

Unfortunately, ‘spring 2018’ is the closest thing to an actual release date we have at the time of writing, but surely… spring can’t be too far away, right? Also, seems there’ll only be an eShop version available, at least for now. Kinda hoping Loveshack Entertainment (and publisher Surprise Attack Games) – will be taking FRAMED Collection into the physical realm someday, but we’ll see. For now, do check out the trailer below and… fingers crossed for an early spring!


FRAMED Collection Nintendo Switch Trailer

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