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‘Donut County’ Wants You to Become the Very Best… Hole In the Ground?

A hole in the ground. That hole in the ground. The one… over there. See that hole in the ground? That’s you, the player, in Donut County. No really, you’re playing the part of a hole in the ground in this game, and your job is simple: swallow stuff! In fact, depending on what you swallow and when, certain things might happen. Like, oh I don’t know – how about some fireworks? Yeah. So very groovy.

If the above sounds weird that’s because, well, it really is. The entire experience. I mean, okay, so the part about you being the actual hole is not entirely correct. You’re actually a racoon by the name of BK, who… uh… something about “idiotic prizes” and “falling into his own hole”. I don’t quite know where they were going with the plot there.

Fact remains, though: your avatar is the hole, and you get to do all kinds of crazy things with it, including using it as a cannon, spewing out stuff after sucking it in. Again, weird, but at the same time undeniably intriguing. Bit like a weird Katamari Damacy spin-off, ya know? Oh, and did I mention how you are able to devour absolutely eeeeeeverything? Actually, that can’t be right. Let’s go with almost everything instead. Even so, Donut County still sounds like a ‘hole’ lot of fun.

Donut County is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, GOG.com, iTunes and Mac App Store.

DONUT COUNTY | Full of Holes Trailer