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‘Colossal Clean-Up Time’ Impressions: Save Your Home by Throwing Stuff Out the Window

Colossal Clean-Up

Hoarding is a serious problem. People store all types of junk in their attic, basement, garage, to name but a few places. Then all it just sits there, taking up space, never to be used again. In this case, it’s gotten so bad that unless you get rid of certain objects, your home will be condemned!

Most of us have played endless runners, flyers and/or racers, but I’m fairly certain that few have actually experienced an endless apartment cleaner; in video game form, that is. To aid you in this herculean task, is… a Bag of Holding (well, not exactly, but they are quite similar). You’ll be able to store everything from tiny boxes to large bookshelves and washing machines within this mysterious item, making moving items around a breeze.

Do be careful however, for while it can carry a great weight, sooner or later it will start to weigh you down, slowing your movement speed significantly. At this point, or preferably sooner, consider tossing its contents out the nearest window – especially if it’s holding items needed to finish the current floor!

See, throwing old junk out the window, not giving a damn about who it might hit on the way down is fun and all – no doubt about that. But since the cops are rather eager to do their job (condemning your home), you’re literally racing against the clock. Get rid of the items listed at the top of the screen, and the stairs leading upwards will drop down. Fail to fill the ‘quota’ however, and… your home will be condemned. How’s that for motivation?

Colossal Clean-Up

Getting the hang of the controls and how everything works is easy enough. Actually being good enough to climb the leaderboards… now that’s another matter entirely! I figured my score (see above screenshot) was great, that I’d done some serious cleaning. Turns out I could not have been more wrong. Yet in spite of that, I confidently challenge you to prove that you’re a better anti-hoarder than me, in Colossal Clean-Up. I challenge thee!