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‘Charamba’ Impressions: An Adventurous Tale Under the Burning Sun


As our story begins, we find a woman (the protagonist) walking aimlessly across the desert. How did she get there? Will she manage to escape and exact revenge on whoever stranded her, before the burning sun becomes her undoing? Find out in the gritty pointy and clicky tale, known simply as… Charamba.

Originally intended for MAGS September 2014, for which it did not quite make the deadline, Charamba is both brief and doesn’t have the most appealing visuals. But quite frankly, so what? It’s still fun while it lasts, and definitely worth seeing through. That and the creator is working on a sequel, which – if everything goes according to plan – will be part of MAGS October. Will it be a bigger and bolder effort, or brief like the first game, making the whole thing feel semi-episodic? Time will tell.

Now, even after playing through it multiple times, I’m still not completely sure what the game was about. I mean, bits and pieces did make sense, but the greater picture was still nowhere to be found. Could be that I’m simply reading too much into it, instead of taking the experience for what it is. Yeah, that’s probably it.


Whatever the case, like any good revenge story, this one’s got action, drama, a pissed off protagonist and… actually, why don’t ya see for yourself? To say more about the game would require spoilers, so instead, I’d say head on over to the Adventure Game Studio forums and grab a copy of Charamba! Bet ya ain’t never played a point ‘n click quite like it.