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‘But to Paint a Universe’ Has Arrived On iOS

But to Paint a Universe

But to Paint a Universe is about a girl who is trying her best to restore a broken sky and that’s all you need to know about the story, because anything else would spoil the narrative in Mårten Jonsson’s puzzle game.

It does look a bit like Bejeweled or one of the many match-3 games already available on iTunes, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. For starters, since the rules change in every level in adventure mode, each of the 20 levels offers a different experience to help keep things interesting, along with a varying degree of challenge, of course. Adventure mode also features a narrative to connect each new level with the previous one, but to get rid of that and just play for the points, there’s the time attack mode.

So.. why are you still here? Go pick up But to Paint a Universe on iTunes already (or try the demo, at least)! The full game will set ya back $0.99, but there’s also a free demo for a try-before-you-buy. What’s that, you don’t have an iOS device? Fear not, for there is also a PC and Mac version, available directly from the developer, GamersGate, Indievania, and IndieCity; there’s no demo for the PC version though.

But to Paint a Universe – iOS Version

Official website and Twitter (@JMartenJ)