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BundleBandits Are Back With Another Greenlight Outing

bundlebandits greenlight bundle 2

Bandits of bundles they may be, but… ain’t nothing criminal about this lineup. Well, except for the fact that it’s all games that still haven’t made it through Greenlight, of course. Who knows – maybe this $1.5 bundle will help them acquire the votes they so desperately seek?

Hyper Ship Out Of Control

Hyper Ship Out Of Control (Windows – Desura) Greenlight [trailer]
Space is a dangerous place for even the most seasoned starship pilot, full of asteroids, multicolored floating blocks, and space mines. It’s even more dangerous when your accelerator is stuck to the floor and your brakes are out. Can you survive long enough to get that elusive high score or are you destined to add a new crater to the face of an unsuspecting asteroid?

Kilgazar (gl)

Kilgazar (Windows, Mac, Linux – Desura) [trailer]
Kilgazar’s army has captured your village! It’s time to take matters into your own hands! Battle your way through hordes of enemies. Learn and use powerful magic spells. Infiltrate the fortress to pass through the gateway to the dark underworld. Can you defeat the demon lord, Kilgazar, and free the land from his grasp?

Radium (gl)

Radium (Windows – DesuraGreenlight [trailer]
Radium is a minimalistic skill game, featuring an unique control scheme you’ve never seen before. By pressing the left or right arrow key, the orb is pulled or pushed to the direction of the corresponding button. Your goal is to navigate the ball as fast as possible through the level.


Ilamentia (Windows – DesuraGreenlight [trailer]
The goal is simple, activate all souls and make it to the exit, but every room revolves around wildly differing mechanics. You may be tasked with manipulating physical structures, deal with waves of phasms or briskly bound through the aether. The puzzle is to deduce the limits of the room’s mechanics which evolve as you progress.

Inside The Gear

Inside The Gear (Windows – Desura, DRM-free) Greenlight [trailer]
You have interactive objects – planks and cubes, manipulate them and start physics. The goal of the game is to put wheel on the platform.

Porradaria Upgrade

Porradaria Upgrade (Windows – DesuraGreenlight [trailer]
Play as a ninja with bloody weapons and a super original fighting system,Fight many enemies

AstropedV (gl)

AstropedV (Windows – Desura) [trailer]
AstropedV is a twin stick shooter that combines the qualities of a vertical scrolling space shooter with those of a run and gun action game. Take on multiple stages, bosses, and waves of enemies as you fight off the assault on the floor of space! Will you be able to survive?

You’ve got 11 days and 13 hours to pick up BundleBandits’ Greenlight Bundle 2, before it’s gone… forever!